Anatomy Atlases Published under Creative Commons License

The interactive anatomy atlases Voxel-Man 3D-Navigator: Brain and Skull and Voxel-Man 3D-Navigator: Inner Organs are now available under a Creative Commons License which covers a wide range of scientific and teaching applications.

Visible HumanBrain and Skull and Inner Organs were originally published by Springer-Verlag about 20 years ago. In contrast to conventional anatomy atlases, they are based on the visualization of 3D models derived from cross-sectional images. This has both advantages and disadvantages: Since they show the anatomy as it is represented in the data, they are limited in resolution and cannot emphasize certain aspects as well as a more abstract anatomical drawing. On the other hand, they allow to view the human anatomy from different angles and peel off layers of structures, providing a superior understanding of the spatial relationships.

The innovative concept was highly praised at the time of publication. Especially the Inner Organs which are based on the high resolution cryosections of the Visible Human Project still stand up surprisingly well against later anatomical models.

The apps run on most Windows 10 (and earlier) computers. They can be downloaded free of charge from the Voxel-Man website.